Our Company Electro Plastics Inc.

Our Mission

To provide value to our customers through delivery of sustainable, safe and energy efficient heating solutions.

Our Company

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Electro Plastics Inc., is an engineering company and the leading manufacturer of STEP® (Self-regulating Technology of Electro Plastics),  patented low-voltage, AC/DC, heating systems based on self-regulating Nano Polycarbon Technology.

We have manufacture and sold heating elements worldwide since 1994. The owners are the inventors of this unique Nano Polycarbon heating system; they engineer their own programs, and have designed and built all the manufacturing equipment. Electro Plastics certifies that STEP® products are manufactured in the United States.

We challenge each other every day as a team and as individuals. We seek knowledge and innovation. We encourage respect and the well-being of all the people working with and for the company. The ultimate goal is to offer the best products and heating solutions with outstanding customer service.

Our Technology

STEP® heating systems consist of three main components – heating elements, power supplies and thermostats.

STEP® (Self-regulating Technology of Electro Plastics) is a flexible, homogeneous, polymer heating element based on Nano-technology. The Nano-material modifies its behavior of conduction when electrically charged. It is self-regulating and cannot overheat. The nature of the polymer material automatically reduces or increases its heat output to adjust to temperature changes; this means that when the ambient temperature gets warmer, the electrical resistance increases, and the consumption of electricity decreases.

This unique heating system provides safe and economical heating solutions for a variety of applications; including complete, or complimentary, heating of homes, commercial buildings, institutions and marine vessels, de-icing of roofs and pathways, preventing ice buildup on vessels and keeping electronics working in cold environments.

Our Marine Solutions

Regardless of weather conditions, operations at sea continue all year-round.

STEP® Marine is a patented, strong, thin (1.2mm) and flexible semi-conductive polymer heater which operates on low-voltage, AC or DC. The system can also be powered by a generator, batteries and/or solar panels.

The STEP® Marine heating elements are embedded in a heat retention material forming a unique deicing system. They are wide and flat giving optimal heat transfer to any surface, including steel and aluminum. The elements can be cut to length on the job site making it ideal for both new construction and retrofit.

STEP® Marine for interior, exterior and offshore applications.